Dandelion Jelly


200 (roughly) dandelion blossom heads
1 orange
1 lemon
3 cups water
3/4 pound cane sugar

Peel the green calyxes away from the bases of the flowers. Wash blossoms in cold water and dry on paper towels in the sun. Peel the orange and lemon and slice thinly(don’t bother removing seeds). Blossoms, water, and fruit go into a large pan. Cook on moderate heat for at least an hour, keeping blossoms immersed. Remove from heat, and let mixture strain overnight through a muslin cloth. There’s no need to refrigerate, but you can if you prefer. The next day, heat liquid on a slow boil, adding sugar until it dissolves. The jelly should set after about 20 minutes. You can test it on a cool plate or bowl. Once it’s set, put in clean containers. Yeild is about 36 ounces(or 3 12-ounce Mason jars).

I found this recipe in BackHome Magazine May/June 2012


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