Herb Notes:

Herb Drying– the faster the better- (sundried)
(upsidedown) – dry in clump with “good” airflow or upon a screen. Sun. Moisture is an herb killer!
Good air flow!
Storing – dry – ceramic or colored glass
    light lessons the flavor & medicinal potency.

Using Herbs:
    – Infusion – Traditional 1/2-1oz dried herb + boiling water, steeped 10-20 min. – strained (1 cup tea)
    – Decoction – Extracts made from roots + bark. Boil water, reduce heat, gently simmer the dried herb material 10-20 min. – strain
    – Tincture – Extracts made with alcohol instead of water. Highly concentrated. Remains potent longer, up to several years. Use 100 proof vodka or brandy.
    Standard recipe:
      1 oz. dried herb steeped in 5 oz. of distilled spinits.
          (vinegar can be used also)


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